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Mudanwan Villa,

a Vision of Perfection


源起 About

The paradise of Wuling is eternal, never-changing; it floats between dreams and reality, weaving itself between worlds.

The ancient quest to find it is finally over – the dream of nestling amongst the mountains called Mudanwan has finally come true.

Mudanwan Villa is hidden away in its own secluded world, where winding mountain paths make the hustle and bustle of life nowhere to be found. All that is left is the natural beauty of the paradise.

Detached villas line the shores of Toumu Lake, dotted amongst the luxurious landscaping, looking as though one with the mountains. Slate walls rise from the ground, and the wooden carving of a hundred pacer tells of a century-old Paiwan culture, and how the people are never apart from their verdant mountains and green waters.

In Mudanwan Hot Springs are Simply Part of Everyday Life

Mudanwan’s hot springs come from Syuhai. The water contains a gentle grade of sodium bicarbonate and is known as a ‘Beauty Bath’. Both our hot and cold baths are 100% hot spring water, with the 51.5°C water coming straight from the ground and our 38°C water being held and cooled by us especially for our guests before use so that all of our guests may find the right temperature for them.

Whether you bath in the steam of your own private bathroom or try the natural wildness of our riverside public pools, you’ll be enjoying a spa-level experience fit for a king or queen.


Find true release and devotion
for the body and soul


Find True Relaxation 〝Body & Mind〞 Relax
your body & mind

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Private and spacious,
happiness is your own space.


Private and Spacious, Happiness is Your Own Space. Style and

Honeymoon Suite


Lakeview bedroom, sitting room, indoor Taiwan cypress bath, outdoor stone bath, outdoor shower. Max. 2 occupants: 13,200NT + 10%

Mudanlo Villa


Includes sitting room, lakeview master bedroom, Japanese-style tatami room, two bathrooms and an indoor Taiwan cypress bath, outdoor stone bath, garden swimming pool, relaxation pagoda, and private garden. Suitable for 4-6 occupants: 27,000NT + 10% (4 persons)

Diumie Villa


Master bedroom, sitting room, lounge chairs, indoor Taiwan cypress bath, outdoor stone bath, garden swimming pool, relaxation pagoda, and private garden. Suitable for 2-4 occupants: 18,000NT + 10% (2 persons)

Vavayan Villa


Japanese-style bedroom, indoor Taiwan cypress bath, outdoor stone bath, and private garden. Suitable for 2-4 occupants: 18,000NT + 10% (2 persons)

Honeymoons are filled with romantic memories.

Strolling down the Champs-Elysees, listening to a serenade on the canals of Venice, the azure beauty of the Maldives, each scene is imbued with an unforgettable love story.

When time has calmed your love, you find that romance requires the right mood.

Let Mudanwan Villa bring the memories from your honeymoon back to life.

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A stay in the Mudan Pagoda Villa is a completely private luxury experience.

This two-story detached villa offers all you could ever need for the perfect family vacation.

Gather in the sitting room to pass the time with conversation, or seek out a quiet corner to read a book or take a bath.

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Diumie is Paiwan for “a happy woman.”

Diumie Villa is built alongside Toumu Lake, nestled up against the mountain with a stream at its back. Protected by the mountains and water, and hidden behind the trees, it is the image of a shy, well-protected happy woman.

The tranquility of Diumie Villa is unbreakable, and it is a hidden cove where you can relax in its gentle embrace.

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Vavayan is Paiwan for “a perfect woman.”

Vavayan Villa is a wooden villa that is currently being renovated and is scheduled to start welcoming guests again in February.

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Carefully selected local ingredients,
healthy, natural and wholesome


The scenery outside reflects from the lake to the plate, producing a 〝double sense of beauty〞 Double

Lakeside Café


The wooden furniture and traditionally-decorated French windows create an airy and tranquil space. Fishing traps and cloths have been transformed into lampshades, creating a soft and romantic light for lakeside evenings in the café.

he Lakeside Café opens for service throughout the day and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy fresh local produce cooked with the morning’s catch, creating a luxury dining experience.

The scenery reflects from the lake to the mountains to the plate, making a meal here a feast for both the eyes and mouth.

Juice Bar


Our Juice Bar, next to the lobby, has no menu and no prices. It offers fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice, handmade cookies, herbal tea and fragrant coffee for free, all day.

Its slanted wooden roof and its wooden chairs, tables and bar create an open area where you can enjoy the breeze as you sip at coffee or nibble a snack.

*Open for afternoon tea from 2:30 – 5:30 p.m.


Careful exploration will uncover
a treasure of beauty before your eyes


Find your private hideaways, Between the Mountains & the Sea Travel & Tourism

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Take Freeway No. 3 and exit at Nanzhou Interchange, then take Provincial Highway No. 1 towards Kenting. Turn onto Provincial Highway No. 26 after Fenggang and turn left at Checheng onto County Road 199, heading for Sichongxi and Mudan. After about 30 minutes, take the right-hand fork onto 199-A towards Syuhai. We are located 7.5km down the road.

The road after Sichongxi turns into a mountain road with poor phone reception.




去程 - 從高鐵左營站出發至牡丹灣Villa:每日上午11:25;
回程 - 從牡丹灣Villa出發至高鐵左營站:每日下午14:20;
費用:單趟$600/人; 110cm以下幼兒$420/人。



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